Professional writing and copyediting isn't just for newspapers.

(In fact, sometimes the news seems to need help with this too.)

When the only thing your audience sees is what you write, every word matters. It can be the difference between being mocked for a typo, or establishing trust in your brand.

Authors, graphic designers, and you other creative types, consider this service your best friend. Let us handle the pesky grammar and spelling while you get back to being creative.



Authors, rejoice. We do ghost writing for books! Get that story that's been rumbling around in your head finally written out by working with us. And don't worry - the mark of awesome writing is it'll sound like it's coming from you, not us.

We also have professional services for your website, white papers, brochures, and other marketing materials!


Blogs & Articles

Releasing articles and blogs is a great way to show your audience that not only do you know what you're doing, but you're passionate and educated about it too, and willing to even share things you know with your audience.

Having a blog on your site is a great way to increase traffic, shares and organically increase your SEO (the algorithms that help you be found on search engines). If you are in need of regular content, we can help you write it, ensure it's the right message to your audience, and set up to help you be found by potential customers and clients.

If you're working with a publisher and trying to get articles promoted on different sites, we're happy to work within the parameters they set and ghost-write for you so you can have good content in your name anywhere you can get it.



If you've written things yourself, you know that sometimes you just glaze over and don't catch your own errors. It happens to the best of us. Having a professional copyeditor review and edit your work makes sure you put the best, error-free version of your message in front of your audience.

With extensive experience in journalism too, you know we're meticulous, and we'll ensure you look professional and sharp.



Let's get wordy!

With over 8 years experience in creating content that drives traffic, spurs conversations, and makes you look good, we are sure to have awesome solutions for your business.