Hey there.

I'm Christie Haskell, founder of Starry Night Consulting.

I'm an autodidact, writer, entrepreneur, often-sarcastic optimist, and total geek and marketing nerd.

As the daughter of a writer, journalist, author and teacher, teaching and connecting through the written word is in my blood. I entered the world of marketing as a stay-at-home mom while my spouse was deployed in the military.

After helping many other parents learn and grow with my love of research and sharing my knowledge, I ended up writing for a major parenting site. I quickly became one of their highest trafficked writers through both SEO knowledge when crafting my messages, as well as social media promotion of my own personal brand. I was featured on Good Morning America, HuffPo Live, quoted in The New York Times' Motherlose, The Huffington Post, interviewed for KIWI Magazine and lots more... and I loved every minute of it.

I added in the responsibilities of being the Online Content Manager and Senior Editor for another parenting company, this time not only writing and promoting myself, but hiring and training writers, and managing digital marketing efforts, promotions, interviews with experts and arranging sponsorship opportunities as well, alongside creating social media content for multiple small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits.


So why are you doing marketing for others?


My drive in life has been to learn and share everything I learn with others to help and empower them, and have fun doing it. My parenting writing career was spent helping educate moms, especially in areas where there's a lot of confusion, scientific-speak, and especially shady marketing tactics by big dogs. You'll notice I talk a lot about authenticity in marketing, and that's because people love human beings, and I love helping them.

I see the people trying their hardest to run a business and struggling as technology changes all the time, and their marketing efforts that used to work just aren't paying off anymore. I see some even resort to shady, unethical things because sometimes they work, but at what cost?

(You can learn even more about our core principles by clicking here.)

After multiple corporate jobs that promised to empower and grow me as a person and a marketer, but ultimately failed to do so and led me to only see flaws in the rigidity of packaging customers into neat little bundles with no care for their own unique needs, I realized I needed to do what I'd been considering and blowing off all along.

I had to start my own business to really be able to help people & treat them like individuals, not just numbers.


Which brings you to what I do...

After years of writing, teaching, marketing and working with hundreds of clients, I'm happy to have found my niche in helping people market their own businesses in ways that are truly authentic, honest, creative, fun and accessible for almost anyone regardless of their available resources. (You can more about how my company works here.)

Because I know that some of the people who need the most help often have the least resources, I'm working hard to have as many free webinars, guides and other helpful tips possible on a regular basis. 

My marketing newsletter is a great way to get access to free tips and tricks, and follow me on social media to make sure you're seeing new resources as I have the chance to get them out to everyone.

If you've read this far, thank you. I hope you understand that my ultimate goal is to help you succeed, and to make sure that you feel confident, comfortable, and happy with your marketing methods and results.

Thanks so much for visiting. Please always reach out if you have questions, or even want to let me know what resources you still need that I have yet to provide.

Take care,