The People

Christie Haskell


Founder of Starry Night Consulting LLC

Christie's spent her adult life working to get messages across the vast internet platform to the right audiences, and helping small businesses and non-profits succeed. 

Her own career promoting herself landed her TV interviews on Good Morning America, HuffPo Live, and 9News. She was interviewed for KIWI Magazine and her writings have been featured in many major publications including the New York Times' Motherlode, msnbc's TODAYMoms, Google News, and much more. 

Between her own career as a parenting writer for a major website, managing teams of writers and all online content for a birth education company, working in social media, email marketing, web and graphic design for non-profits and businesses of all types, she's got quite the portfolio of past clients and experience.

Her true driving force is doing things that really help people succeed, especially for people who are really struggling or don't understand technology at all.

I don't just want to put up a Facebook post for someone and call it a day. I want to get to know the people behind a business, what drives them, what scares them, why they do what they do, and work with them to make sure they're really feeling confident and successful. And of course, making sure their business grows."


And so Starry Night Consulting was born. Her vision for the company is to make sure that any business, no matter how small they're starting out or how terrified of technology they are, can receive marketing help that fits their business, their budget and their needs so they can truly be successful without buying into things they can't afford or that aren't tailored specifically to them.