9 Spring Marketing Ideas to Freshen Up your Business

Think of seasons as premade themes & dates to refresh your marketing tactics.

Hopefully you're planning your marketing promotions well in advance, but let's face it - many businesses don't. Each change of the season is a great time to advertise a fun, themed marketing promotion, no matter what your business is.

A word of warning: don't make it spring-themed for the sake of it if it doesn't really make sense with your business. Nothing is worse than inauthentic marketing, and people really do see right through it. If you sell clothes, don't talk about eggs. You've already got lots of options that ARE tailored to your business like floral patterns, lighter flowy layers, spring cleaning - stick with those and stay authentic.

1. Hold Themed Contests

How many jelly beans can our CEO fit into his mouth? Okay, maybe not (we don't really need CEOs choking), but come up with a fun, seasonal theme for a small contest. Grocery stores can have people guess the number of eggs they sell in a month. A clothing store can hold a contest for people to design and then vote on new spring outfits and then hold a sale on the top three winning outfit items. Be creative!

2. Have a Spring Cleaning Sale

Make it fun! "Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale!" happens a lot, but can you spin it to fit your business? Flowers, rabbits, eggs and baby animals not only are what Spring is about, but they're also insanely cute and can be used creatively in any marketing materials.

3. Do your own spring cleaning

What easier way to run a re-engagement campaign than to make it Spring-themed? "We're doing some spring cleaning and realized you haven't been reading the emails we've been sending you. No one likes clutter." No matter your industry, this is a great way to get customers involved again or clear out those who have moved on. 

4. Start Promoting Outdoor Events

Since it's finally warming up, if you have a physical location or do anything publicly, use this opportunity to announce that the end of winter means the end of hiding indoors away from the cold, and then promote your next outdoor event (and decorate it with bright flowers).

"We're finally coming out from under our winter blankets. We know you can do it too.
Our 25% Off Spring Sale will be as cozy as those warm blankets. Promise."

Announce events in a fun, seasonal, timely way, rather than just another calendar date.

5. Encourage Earth-Friendly behaviors

Spring is about new life on the earth, animals and plants alike. Earth Day is coming up soon too! Sponsor a local park clean-up day, or have people drop off things like boxes from their own spring cleaning at your business with an incentive from you for doing so. Even show off your employees planting a tree or cleaning up a park if you don't want to bring customers into it. Not everything needs to be (or should be) always sales-focused. Simply getting your name out there in your community and getting people involved is a good thing. 

6. Tax Talk

Tax deadlines are coming up soon, and many people will be receiving tax returns. Whether helping promote a local tax preparation business, reminding people of the deadline, or even associating it with promotions for your business (Taxmas Sale!), it's timely and helpful. Though again, sometimes not everyone's favorite thing to think about, so keep it light.

7. Remember Easter's not the only holiday right now

So many businesses remember Easter, but forget that there's multiple other holidays during this time. Even if you only celebrate Easter, your customers may have other beliefs! The first day of Spring is Ostara, which is an old tradition that still incorporates the symbols of eggs, flowers, and bunnies. Passover begins soon as well, and Mother's Day is also coming up. Speaking of mothers, Spring Break is also during this time. Entice parents with something soothing and relaxing, or sponsor a kid-day where people can shop and kids have monitored crafts or themed games to play.

8. march madness

Sports fans are geared up for March Madness too. Sponsor a local sports team, or offer a discount day for them at your store. If you sell things in the local sports team colors, you can also highlight those in support.

9. Partner with a complementary business

If your business makes no sense with spring, find your "Friend Business" who DOES make sense with spring. A florist can help send flowers to new clients of yours, or you can hold an in-store raffle for a gift certificate to the chocolate business down the street, just in time for Easter. Not only do you get the benefit of new, fun things, but partnering with what I call "Friend Businesses" is beneficial for both you and them: you're promoting their business, and they'll advertise your promotion to their audience as well.

Need more ideas, or don't know how to implement the ones you do have? Get in touch with us.

Happy Spring!