Social media, email marketing & content creation.

You know you need social media, email marketing, and blogs or articles. We know sometimes you just frankly want someone else to do it for you, because it's not your thing, and you're busy actually running your business.

That's called delegating, and you're awesome for knowing when to do it.


Social media marketing

Let's face it - social media is not going away. While algorithms change so often it can give a girl a headache, the universe of approaching a business from a more level playing field and expecting quick replies is here to stay. Customers these days will look for your social media channels, see what you post, how you reply (if at all) to comments from others, and look at your reviews.

According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from family and friends over all forms of marketing. When they see a friend of theirs liking and commenting on your page, or best yet, reviewing it well, that means more to them than anything you can put in front of them. Like it or not, social media and the Word of Mouth that comes from it important for your business.


Email marketing

For the past I-don't-know-how-many years, people keep predicting that email marketing is dying out. But guess what? Studies keep showing them all wrong. Unlike social media, sending an email makes it in front of your audience 100% of the time (okay, sometimes it goes to spam, but that's another topic for another time). 

Email still has one of the highest Return on Investment of all forms of digital marketing. Knowing how to get email addresses, what to do with them, what message to get in front of people at what time, how to phrase it, and how to read results isn't common sense. It takes practice, experience and more. But it's worth your time.


Content creation

It's great to have a website, have social media, and send emails, but someone still has to write it. Content Creation comes in many forms, between simply the text on the pages of your website, to blog posts, or even articles to be promoted by publicists or extra "freebies" (like a white paper) to give out to clients or prospective clients to show value and your business expertise.

Unfortunately, your time is completely wasted if you don't know what to write, how to write it, or if it's riddled with errors. I don't know if you've noticed, but the internet isn't really forgiving of grammatical mistakes (unless it's in in a meme, but even then there are rules).

If you're looking for a total website overhaul, a book written or edited or non-marketing materials, check out our Writing & Editing services.


Social Media Start-Up

If you're not even on social media yet, or made a page and never touched it again, we can help. We'll set up your social media pages will your branding, information, and your personality, and then work with you so you feel confident in being able to utilize your new assets yourself. Not just putting up posts, but planning them out and reading the results as well, so you know what you're doing is actually working.