Email Marketing still reigns supreme.

People predict year after year that Email Marketing is going to die out. Thing is, year after year, they're still wrong. In fact, with mobile devices at the ready all the time, people interact with emails nearly every single day, even the elusive Millennials. Why? It's effective.

email marketing sees a 4300% ROI - that is, for every $1 spent there's a return of about $44.

The best part is that it's also very affordable. Unlike other forms of marketing like TV and radio spots, the overhead is low enough that mistakes and going through a learning curve isn't disastrous. It allows trial and error, it allows A/B testing, targeted 


Emails are advertisements your customers actually agree to receive.

Think about that. When you practice good email gathering techniques, people are agreeing to accept your business's information, ads, and communications into their personal space.

86% of customers said they WANT promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly.

- Statista, 2015

But once they've willingly handed over their email address, what comes next? You still have to get the message right, formatted right for the device they read it on, otherwise they'll revoke their permission and unsubscribe, and possibly think less of you (yikes

If you're hesitating now because those seem like scary reasons you don't know how to avoid, stop worrying. You're here on our page for a reason.

Ready to start emailing like a pro?

If you're local to Northern Colorado, we can help at your business, in-person, or we can do it over the phone and screenshare so you get help in real-time if you're not in this beautiful state (or just prefer to do it that way).

It doesn't even matter if you've never sent a single email, or know where to start.


1-Session Start Up Package

For $159, we'll set up a professional email account for you, design a branded, mobile-friendly email template, and spend two hours working with you on getting started on your path to becoming a successful email marketer.

We're not just creating an account and dropping you in, then running. The two hours we spend together also includes:

  • Personalized coaching so you feel comfortable taking over once we're done working together.
  • Addition to your website or social media pages of sign up forms for email customers.
  • Signs, flyers & graphics (we'll determine what's best for your business) to make sign-up a breeze for your customers and easy for you to promote.
  • An automated Welcome Email to go to every single person when they join your mailing list.
  • Dedicated time on understand email results - open rates, click throughs, bounces - and what you actions you need to take once you understand them.

6-Session Package

This package allows us a lot more time together, getting to know your clients, your business, your pain points and really make a super-customized plan for you. If you're not tech-savvy, consider it a lot more time to have someone helping you get used to using your channels as well.

You'll also receive:

An exclusive guide to responding to reviews online, both positive and negative.

A Customer Profile sheet that helps pinpoint your audience, what matters most to them, so that you know who to target and what to talk about.

This is six 2-hour sessions (12 hours of professional help!).

This package is $800 - a $154 savings! If you're really serious about getting social, this is the way to go.

We're partnered with Constant Contact - a leader in email marketing - to be able to help you bring your marketing efforts together to grow your business. Try out your own account today, or get in touch and we'll get you up and running in no time.