Individual & Group Classes

If you're looking to learn how to face your Facebook fears, take on Twitter, or want your employees to learn how to best promote your company, consider a class or workshop with us.

Unlike many webinars where you simply watch slides and then get a sales pitch at the end, that's not our goal. Our goal is ensure you come out of our courses feeling more confident and ready to start doing things on your own.

We offer courses we've tried and tested and found to be awesome, or custom courses (that are equally as awesome) designed for your specific business needs.


online marketing 101

Some classes teach how to run ads, search hashtags and more. But we know that that's starting from a place that is beyond where a lot of people are starting from.

If you want to learn how to set up a good Facebook Business page, what a hashtag even means, or how to share a link, these classes are the right place for you to start.


planning & analyzing

Once you've got the basics down, and understand how to post, it's time to learn how to step it up. Learn how to create a marketing plan (that you'll stick to), how to read the results (and what to do with them). This is the next step to upping your game!


knowing your audience & marketing psychology

Learning your audience and knowing how to reach them is a class of its own because it's not a simple feat. After identifying your target audience (which may end not be who you think it is), you'll learn how to utilize marketing psychology to put the right messages in front of the right people, by speaking to what truly drives them.


Ready to learn?


Classes typically are held as interactive, live webinars. Northern Colorado-area classes can be taught in-person. If an in-person course is desired outside this area, travel expenses are added additionally to the course cost.